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VUEWorks welcomes Cody Skidmore to the Team

May 3, 2016

B71-123.308_smaller.214507Cody Skidmore joins DTS as a Senior Developer for its flagship Asset Management platform, VUEWorks®. With two feet, Cody will jump in and assist with developing new features for current and future customer needs. Jason Amadori, President of Asset Management for DTS shares, “We are excited to have Cody join us, as we are rapidly expanding development of VUEWorks due to significant market demands. Cody will certainly provide immediate value to the programming team, in which many new positions are now being filled. Without question, Cody joins a solid team filled with passion, and asset management continues to show no limits.”

Cody is a native of Lubbock, Texas and a United States veteran. In his 25 years building software, he has participated in every aspect of product development, design and management. His industry experience includes telecom, behavioral health, crop insurance, aerospace and industrial engineering. Cody has an unrelenting passion for technical artistry and is caring and committed to those around him.

He met his wife, Linda, on a blind date and became engaged two weeks later. The couple just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. Cody and Linda have two children. Their daughter Maria, 16, is studying to be a genetics researcher. Their son Jake, 14, wants to follow his dad into the field of Computer Science.