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Vueworks User Community

February 1, 2012

Our support team has expanded through our Community Portal and LinkedIn User Group. Our community of users is able to join and share their experiences with others.

Some of the features which will be offered in the User Community:

    • Secure way to connect with other customers via a Forum
    • Comprehensive Knowledgebase of articles/whats and hows of how to do anything in VUEWorks®
    • Ability to download work order templates etc., that other customers/or the VUEWorks Team is making available for the Community.
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There’s not a better time for the user community to be available … we have a lot of new features and improvements being shared, and this website will allow us, as a community, to stay up to date on everyone’s experiences with the product.

The VUEWorks® Community is now LIVE – please visit and sign up as a user! This is ONLY valid for existing customers and partners.

Additionally, we have set up a VUEWorks® LinkedIn User Group. We have created this group for you; our customers to connect with other VUEWorks users to share ideas on how to better utilize the software in your working environment.

 We encourages you to:

• Post articles, conferences, ideas related to Asset Management in general.

• Ask questions related to particular modules of the software.

• Post ideas related to software enhancements, must have(s) and future development paths.

 Join Here

VUEWorks LinkedIn User Group