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This Week’s Conferences

May 28, 2014

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May 29, 2014: Bart Williamson will be attending the DIR Connect Technology Expo in Austin, Texas. DIR Connect brings DIR contracted technology vendors together with IT and purchasing staff from state agencies, local and county government, K-12 and higher education to raise awareness about all of DIR’s key program areas including Co-op Contracts, Data Center Services, Communication Technology Services, Security and

May 29-30, 2014: Brian Sovik will be attending the 2nd Annual Emerald Coast Transportation Symposium in Pensacola, Florida. The purpose of the Transportation Symposium is to provide a forum for leadership in transportation to explore cross-organization collaboration, develop lastying local and regional partnerships, share best practices in transportation, and give innovators a platform to inspire others.

Make sure to say hello to Bart or Brian if you are attending one of these conferences. Click here for more information about DIR Connect and Click here for more information about the Emerald Coast Transportation Symposium.