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Let Us Show You the Way

The federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) primary mission is to improve safety on the nation’s roadways. In order to address the disparity between day time and night time fatalities on our nation’s roadways, the FHWA has adopted
new traffic sign reflectivity requirements. Reflectivity is one of several factors associated with maintaining night time sign visibility. There are updated requirements targeting all agencies to adopt a sign maintenance program to meet the
new retroflectivity requirements for traffic signs installed and the replacement of previously installed street signs.

The VUEWorks Solution

VUEWorks can manage the sign inventory for your agency and allow for you to plan for sign installment and replacement through our Service Request and Work Order modules. The Service Request module provides a fast, flexible, easy way for staff to manage the issues of the state. Service requests can be linked to any type of asset or location. Work Orders combines the power of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) with GIS to manage and plan all work activities. Work order details can also be captured, recorded, and documented form the field. Let VUEWorks shed light to help you efficiently track and manage your agencies assets in response to updating federal mandates.