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Moving Transportation Forward

MAP-21: the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act requires performance measures to increase the accountability and transparency of the federal-aid highway program and improve project decision making through performance-based planning and programming. MAP-21 makes significant changes to the federal transportation policy such as the greater dependence on state departments of transportation to manage affairs and attend to the needs of their constituents.

With MAP-21 the amount of funding programs will be consolidated by two-thirds. Federal law will not continue to set aside a minimum amount of funding for repairing roads and bridges, leaving it up to states to prioritize repairs and replacements. The law does reduce money dedicated to make our roads and neighborhoods safer but provides localities with more control.

The National Goals of the Program are:

  • Safety
  • Infrastructure Condition
  • Congestion
  • System Reliability
  • Freight Movement & Economic Vitality
  • Environment Sustainability
  • Reduced Project delays

The VUEWorks Solution

VUEWorks is a web-based work and asset management solution developed to help local governments, utilities, corporations, schools, theme parks, and other organizations take in service requests, manage work, track conditions, minimize failure risk, optimize expenditures, and estimate project costs for any combination of assets.

VUEWorks provides tight integration between Esri GIS and Asset Management to deliver a powerful tool for municipal, county, and state transportation departments for managing pavement, signs, signals, bridges, and all other types of assets. Performance-based funding involves the prioritization of projects. With VUEWorks’ ability to track asset condition, evaluate risk, and create budget forecasts, our technology is exactly what you need to efficiently monitor your transportation resources.