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The System of Record Keeps Getting Better

August 24, 2015

warehouse-groupThe VUEWorks® Resource Manager module is tightly integrated with the Work Order module so that associated time and costs for personnel, crews, contractors, vendors, equipment and items pulled from inventory can be tracked. Time for labor and equipment can be accounted for independently with the Time Recorder feature, then passed on to external accounting systems. Multiple billing rates can be assigned for different labor roles and activities. Set up personnel so that employees can be placed on a work order based on job classification, availability and cost. Personnel managers can be set up to search for an employee job classification, availability and cost in an easy-to-use calendar interface.
Resource Manager
DTS, makers of the VUEWorks asset and performance management software, has significantly enhanced the functionality of the Resource Manager module. The Resource Manager module still includes the ability to track personnel and equipment, add and track labor and equipment in work orders, assign multiple labor rates to field activities, track availability of personnel and equipment and generate automatic notifications for employees and supervisors. And now Resource Manager includes Advanced Inventory.

Tool Features

  • Transaction based inventory model
  • Ability to organize inventory into user defined categories and sub-categories
  • Manage an unlimited number of warehouses with inventory items
  • Assign inventory to various locations within a warehouse and organize into aisles, shelves and bins
  • Transfer inventory items between warehouses
  • Receive inventory items either manually or through purchase orders
  • Issue inventory items to work orders or manage the return of an inventory item
  • Equipment can be issued and returned similar to inventory items
  • Ability to reconcile a physical count of an inventory item with the count in the system
  • Manage transaction types for inventory items
  • Grouping of inventory items as “Kits” for common maintenance activities
  • Manage suppliers and manufacturers
  • Automate purchase order related processes based on inventory stocking and threshold levels
  • Link documents such as maintenance instructions to inventory items
  • Reporting tools