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Request Portal: The VUEWorks®  Request Portal module delivers convenient online access for citizens and customers to place their requests using the Web.  There is no customization or third party database required; the Request Portal interfaces directly to the VUEWorks®   Service Request module.  At any time, a citizen or customer can review the status of their request by entering the portal and viewing  “My Requests.”

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Features & Benefits

  • Allows citizens and customers to issue requests directly, reducing the burden on your call takers or front office staff
  • Minimizes errors by directly populating the Service Request module
  • Complete integration between the Request Portal and the Service Request and Work Order modules
  • Request Portal status is kept in sync with work orders that have linked service requests
  • Allows your agency to receive and share request status after hours, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • The Request Portal can be accessed via smart phone mobile devices


Work Order: The VUEWorks® Work Order module combines the power of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) with GIS to manage and plan all work activities.  Work Orders can be configured to match your existing work order forms to maintain the look and feel of your existing workflow, right down to the activity level.

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Features & Benefits

  • Work order forms can be user defined to fit your “look & feel” and existing work process
  • Attach work orders to any physical asset on the map or non-GIS asset in the Facilities module for easy reference
  • Robust reporting features include pre-defined report templates and wizards
  • Automated email notices can be sent to any email program

Work orders can be logged from the field in a fully disconnected mode.


Resource Manager: The VUEWorks®  Resource Manager module is tightly integrated with the Work Order module so that associated time and costs for personnel, crews, contractors, vendors, equipment, and other items pulled from inventory can be tracked.  Time for labor and equipment can be accounted for independently with the Time Recorder feature, then passed on to external accounting systems.

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Features & Benefits

  • Personnel, equipment and inventory items/costs can be added and tracked in work orders
  • Assign multiple labor rates to special field activities to get quick cost estimates
  • Get real-time inventory tracking with alerts for low inventory
  • Use the calendar interface to track availability of employees and equipment
  • Automatic notification of employees and supervisors when assigned to a work order

Import/export personnel, equipment and inventory to accounting systems


Service Request: The VUEWorks®  Service Request module provides a fast, flexible, easy way for   staff to manage citizen issues. Simply enter a name or street address and Service Request will quickly center the map over the area of concern so it’s ready for the call taker to enter the issue details using drop-down menus.

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Features & Benefits

  • Service request forms can be easily filled out while talking with the requester
  • Record and track requests from both internal and external customers
  • Can be used for maintenance activities (potholes, missing signs, etc.) and for reservation activities
  • Allows for calculating resolved time between the request and the time the request is closed

Identify and track duplicate requests to avoid creating multiple work orders for the same incident


Valuation (GASB 34): The VUEWorks®  Valuation module removes the drudgery and expense of meeting the Government Accounting Standards Board Statement (GASB) No. 34 or Canadian PSAB 3150 requirements for maintaining and reporting value and depreciation of infrastructure assets.  With reporting under your control, you can leverage depreciation and related financial information to help plan budgets and projects.

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Features & Benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with the VUEWorks Facilities module & your GIS
  • Determine and report historical and replacement costs
  • Calculate value and depreciation for all infrastructure assets including buildings, streets, bridges, pipes and equipment
  • Take control of depreciation parameters to realize the full value of your assets
  • Account for maintenance through work orders that add value and extend asset life
  • Powerful search and filter capabilities allow users to report by location or other criteria


Condition: The VUEWorks® Condition module is highly configurable, allowing you to collect, summarize, analyze, rate, and report on the condition of any asset (e.g., signs, pipes, roads, trees and more). Develop your own condition inspection criteria or use condition data collected with the use of other software.  Either way, VUEWorks®   provides configurable tools that allow you to build your own rating criteria as simple or as detailed as required.

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Features & Benefits

  • Supports condition ratings using the following methods: Simplified, Itemized and Defect
  • Link to external condition data to summarize, analyze, rate and report
  • Integrates with GIS to visualize color-coded conditions for viewing on a map
  • Using the VUEWorks Work Order module, capture condition data directly on work order forms
  • Integrated ASTM templates measure pavement condition for asphalt and concrete

Condition inspections can be performed in the field in a connected or disconnected mode


Risk: The VUEWorks® Risk module allows you to capture stake holder concerns in a risk model to strategically prioritize limited resources and work activities, determine modes for consequences and/or probability of failure for asset classes and types, and configure priorities by assigning weight factors.  Once you have the risk model configured and calculated, VUEWorks®   Risk makes it easy and fast to look at every aspect of the risk model.

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Features & Benefits

  • Use GIS data with the VUEWorks Multi-edit and Buffer tools to quickly assign consequence of failure values to assets in the GIS
  • Utilize the consequence of failure values as a measure of criticality when comparing assets
  • Configure up to ten consequence and failure modes for each asset type
  • Use data from the Work Order module (e.g., number of work orders as a variable) or any external database such as a capacity analysis to keep risk models current

Use risk data to forecast budgets for asset maintenance and replacement


Budget Forecasting: The VUEWorks®  Budget Forecasting module delivers configurable, multi-year capital improvement planning capabilities to help determine long term budget needs based on deterioration curves. Use one of the supplied deterioration curves or one of your own as a basis for forecasting and then identify at what point on the deterioration curve an asset should be rehabilitated or replaced based on risk and condition.

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Features & Benefits

  • View how different budget scenarios impact the overall condition of any asset class
  • Select from risk and failure probability criteria to define how rehabilitation will be prioritized
  • Automate the assignment of rehabilitation jobs based on failure modes such as capacity and condition
  • Pre-determine the impact of rehabilitation jobs on the life-cycle of the asset.


Projects: The VUEWorks®  Projects module delivers capabilities to define projects, calculate estimated costs, group them for budgeting purposes and compare estimated costs with actual costs through integration with the VUEWorks®   Work Order module. New features allow you to assign job costs for an entire asset or a portion of it, and/or multiple point repairs along an asset.

Projects Screen Caps
Features & Benefits

  • Include any asset classes and types within the same project – great for corridor projects involving multiple asset classes
  • Create a library of comprehensive and point repair job types
  • Configure your own status terms to display such as Pending, On Hold, In Progress, Completed, Backlogged, etc.
  • Allows adjustment of a project cost by forecasting inflation rates

Run projects through the Budget Forecasting module to analyze the best cost–benefit ratio, extending asset life


Facilities: The VUEWorks®  Facilities module provides access to physical assets not found in a GIS but which still need historical service/work records, data links, condition assessment, valuation, preventive maintenance scheduling and access to key operational documentation. The types of facilities that can be managed are virtually limitless, including pumps, motors, fleet and building components.

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Features & Benefits

  • Manage non-GIS assets like building components and internal equipment
  • Create and organize assets in a hierarchical structure for easy reference
  • Inventory fleet and mobile equipment in the Resource Manager module for use with work orders

Structure your asset hierarchy to include work orders, condition, valuation and more. Manage facilities with trigger work orders based on equipment run-time or other data (e.g., SCADA systems)


MobileVUE: VUEWorks®  first disconnect app – MobileVUE is built on ESRI’s ArcGIS Mobile platform.  MobileVUE allows the VUEWorks user to take the application into the field regardless of having connection to the web.  Because it is built on ESRI ArcGIS Mobile, you can even take the map and all the GIS data with you!  Perform asset condition inspections, collect new assets, and interact with your GIS data from your tablet device.

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Features & Benefits

  • Syncs with VUEWorks for simple “grab and go” field device use
  • Work with your GIS data in a fully disconnected state
  • Perform asset condition inspections, asset attribute updates and capture new assets

Designed for tablet form factors and touch input

SidewalksVUE – Jump-start your ADA-compliance program with our easy-to-use Sidewalk and Curb Ramp Inspection App. Many agencies can’t afford expensive survey equipment and processing software to collect the data required by the ADA. Our App is designed to Streamline collection activities between multiple field teams and to capture the data in a single database container for further manipulation and analysis. Data entry is simple and all data is stored in a secure, cloud-based server for easy access and download. This data can then be incorporated and managed in your GIS mapping software or in Excel.
sidewalks main
Key Features

  • Distribute the App to your field teams quickly and easily
  • Cloud-hosted, so no IT investment / support required
  • Compatible with GIS software for visualization and mapping analysis

ADA Compliance, Sidewalk Inspection, Curb Ramp Inspection

FieldVUE – Managing assets can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Simplify maintenance and repair issues in the field by snapping a quick photo with this app: Take a picture and automatically log a service request in VUEWorks with the location, photo and details. Internet connectivity required.
Key Features

  • Syncs with VUEWorks for simple “grab and go” field device use
  • Compatible with GIS software for accurate location
  • Automatic generation of Service Requests

FacilityVUE – Finally, an off-line mobile application for locations out of your WiFi’s reach. Integrate your VUEWorks Facility module with your mobile devices to collect asset attributes and condition inspections without the need for internet connectivity.

Facility “bundles” are configured in the desktop application and are synced with the mobile application while in a connected state. Data is collected in the field and synced back to the VUEWorks application when connection has been re-established.

Key Features

  • Add & edit asset attributes
  • Perform & collect condition inspections
  • Add photos, notes & document links
  • Internet connection required to sync to VUEWorks after data collection is complete


CitizenVUE – VUEWorks clients seeking community-submitted service requests will have a new platform to gather this information. The sleek and simple public-facing mobile design allows local residents to submit maintenance requests as they encounter them.

Jurisdictional area is designated by the client and submissions feed directly into the agency’s VUEWorks asset management software. App splash screen can be customized to feature local images.

Administrative settings can be configured to automatically populate Service Request forms and create Work Orders for field staff within the VUEWorks desktop software.

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