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WorkforceVUE mobile app
WorkforceVUE is a combined mobile application used to execute service requests and work orders in the field and allows field workers to collect and add facility assets from a mobile device. The WorkforceVUE application is an extension of the VUEWorks software specially designed around the needs of the field user.

WorkforceVUE allows the VUEWorks user to increase field productivity with or without internet connectivity. It utilizes an easy syncing process to integrate the data back to VUEWorks once the field user is in a connected environment. As with all VUEWorks modules, your VUEWorks System Administrator has control over the configuration.

VUEWorks clients seeking community-submitted service requests will have a new platform to gather this information. The sleek and simple public-facing mobile design allows local residents to submit maintenance requests as they encounter them.

CitizenVUE app

Key Features

  • Platform for Citizens to submit requests
  • Provides for easy association of photos
  • Updates Citizens on status of Requests
ServiceRequestVUE mobile app

Key Features

  • Add & edit Service Requests
  • Link related calls and assets
  • Identify related Work Orders
WorkOrderVUE mobile app

Key Features

  • Add & edit Work Orders
  • Link child assets and Work Orders
  • Enter and track labor
FacilityVUE mobile app

Key Features

  • Add & edit asset attributes
  • Perform & collect condition inspections
  • Add photos, notes & document links
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