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Transportation Slide1

VUEWorks® provides tight integration between Esri GIS and Asset Management to deliver a powerful tool for municipal, county and state transportation departments for managing pavement, signs, signals, bridges, and all other types of transportation assets.



Water/Waste water Slide1

From distribution and collection systems to inside the treatment plant, VUEWorks® integrates a powerful facilities manager with GIS to provide all the tools required for water and waste water utilities.  With VUEWorks®, you can easily connect to your PACP inspections and use the data to prioritize O&M and capital expenditures to cost effectively maintain the right level of service.


Local Government Slide1

Numerous counties and municipalities are using VUEWorks® as a scalable enterprise system to connect departments and efficiently get work done. A popular for local governments of all sizes is our 311 style Service Request module which helps local government be more responsive to the constituents they serve.


Commercial Properties Slide1

Perhaps there is no better example of a return on an investment than when VUEWorks® is applied to the commercial market.  Commercial property and asset managers can make full use of the power of VUEWorks® advanced asset management modules to reduce risk through project prioritization and spending money in the right place at the right time to yield the greatest return.


Campuses Slide1

VUEWorks® GIS integration allows users to select a building on the GIS map and then drill down into it to track work activities and prioritize capital expenditures using a consistent interface.  The same basic tools can be used for campus utilities and assets located within buildings.  Campus facility managers can use it to summarizeassign activity across multiple building or a single facility.


Energy Slide1

If you are in the energy business you should contact us.  Whether managing pipelines, transmission lines, plants, storage tanks, sub-stations, turbines inside buildings or across the country, VUEWorks® can be put to work to keep your systems running reliably and at less cost than our competitors.