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Case Studies

Northgate Constructors- Texas Department of Transportation

Project Date: 2013


VUEWorks implemented a Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) to support their centralized storage and management of the Northgate asset inventory. VUEWorks® software incorporated consolidated assets obtained from existing databases and spreadsheets to provide accurate reporting and was configured to store consistent and relevant physical element information. VUEWorks® also integrated with the Northgate’s Geographic Information System at the data-base and at the user interface-level.

Thurston County- State of Washington

Project Date: 2012


VUEWorks® is providing Asset Management Software along with a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for Thurston County, Washington. The system provides documentation and data import services for the Public Works Traffic Division and Resource Stewardship Storm water Program. The County is using VUEWorks® web based geospatial software to perform Work Management workflows for Storm water and Sign asset types. The software uses ESRI ArcServer to spatially enable all asset types.

City of Portland- State of Oregon

Project Date: 2013


VUEWorks® was implemented in the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation to manage asset condition, budget forecasting, and risk assessment/rating for the City’s pavement and bridges.

 Rhode Island Department of Transportation

Project Date: 2012


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation utilizes VUEWorks® to capture all assets to monitor inventory, rate condition, and create reports. RIDOT uses Service Requests to track complaints and requests from citizens, TMC dispatch, customer service unit, and log any calls to District Facilities. The Work Orders Module is used then used to convert Service Requests whenever a task is performed and Resource Manager tracks the equipment used, employee time, materials, and buildings. VUEWorks® has allowed RIDOT to enable systematic planning and scheduling of work, organize work efforts, improve communication and project coordination, eliminate duplication of efforts, and track critical data.

City of Brentwood- State of Tennessee

Project Date: 2012


VUEWorks provided the City of Brentwood’s Water Services Department a comprehensive Asset Management software system that integrated with the City’s current GIS database. The delivered system was capable of importing current work order history from the City’s former work order software. The flexibility of VUEWorks has also allowed the City to manage other non-traditional Asset Types such as Parks and Fleet Facilities, resulting in a large ROI based on time and cost savings.

City of Albuquerque- State of New Mexico

Project Date: 2013


The City of Albuquerque contracted with VUEWorks implemented an Asset Management System for their storm water management program. The project consisted of collecting a field survey of storm water assets in the City. VUEWorks established documentation, created a database that details asset type, location, condition and estimated construction costs for the management program.  The VUEWorks team provided efficient and cost-effective data extraction in a GIS environment that was seamlessly integrated into the City’s Asset Management system Software and deployed throughout the City to proactively manage their asset infrastructure.

Town of Wickenburg- State of Arizona

Project Date: 2013-2014

Town of Wickenburg

VUEWorks is providing the Town of Wickenburg’s Public Works Department with GIS based asset management solutions for water, waste-water, electric, streets/signs, fleet, lighting and facilities. Cost saving measures have been realized in the first six months of implementation resulting immediate ROI.  Using the MobileVUE application field staff can access real time data of all assets through a tablet in the field where the information is most needed. Residents have complemented on the Request Portal accessed through the Town’s Public Works home page. VUEWorks complete asset management solutions has transformed the Town of Wickenburg’s public utilities.