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Operations Dashboards are … well, Operational!

July 23, 2015

Our team of professionals are in San Diego, CA for the Esri Annual User Conference and a lot of buzz has been centered on Operations Dashboards.  This is something we have supported since its inception because of our direct connection to published map services via the REST API.  The process to set these up is simple – the user selects a widget type, configures the data source and then selects a color scheme to display the data.  Right now, this serves the purpose of bringing information to the user visually, so that they can make informed decisions about their Work and Asset Management strategy.


The REST API has allowed us to leverage many capabilities within the Esri stack, making the User Experience within VUEWorks similar to that within the ArcGIS suite of software.  In other words, the typical GIS user will be familiar with the look and feel of VUEWorks and will have a shortened learning curve when implementing our Performance-based Asset and Work Management solution.

We are also pleased to present our latest color theme for VUEWorks – it is designed to support both Desktop and Mobile platforms while providing the user a visually appealing interface.  Our current focus has been on upgrading the internal technology that powers VUEWorks and part of that process yields more integration with modern browsers.


Our next blog will highlight some of our advancements in the field of Mobile technology.  Being able to work in a dynamic mode (connected or disconnected) is one of our main differentiators from our competition.  Our solution gives the User the ability to transition seamlessly between these modes to maintain the maximum productivity in the field!