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DTS Helps State DOTs Meet FHWA ARNOLD Requirements

January 20, 2016

In 2012, FHWA announced that the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data collection would be expanded in 2014 to include all public roads required under 23 CFR 460. This requirement was later entitled the “All Roads Network of Linear Referenced Data” or ARNOLD. A very helpful overview of ARNOLD from FHWA can be found here:

Many state DOTs have been challenged by the expanded requirements as they focus on their State-owned system while local entities manage non-State public roadways. FHWA decided to help states build a sustainable all-roads network that meets the ARNOLD requirements through the ARNOLD Pooled Fund Study. FHWA is working with state DOTs through the development of individual work plans designed to meet their specific needs and DTS was selected to assist states through a variety of approaches. Activities may include the planning, development and maintenance of the network geometries and linear referencing systems (LRSs) as well as the development and maintenance of network attributes supporting HPMS, MIRE (the Model Inventory of Roadway Elements) and/or FMIS (the Fiscal Management Information System).

DTS is proud to be working directly with all nine participating states including California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Utah.

The table below provides a brief listing of key project tasks and current status for each state.

Participating State Key Project Tasks


LRS System Development Plan

  • Assess Caltrans’ LRS Business Needs and California’s LRS Requirements Objectives
  • Analysis of Alternatives for Caltrans’ LRS Related Business Needs
  • System Development Plan for Caltrans


ARNOLD Data Collection and Process Development

  • Data Collection and Development
  • ETL Script Development
  • Local Outreach for Local Roads Data Collection


ARNOLD Network Development Assistance

  • Develop Plan for Building the ARNOLD
  • Build the ARNOLD Network
  • Develop ARNOLD Maintenance Plan


ARNOLD Local Government Coordination and Portal Planning

  • Local Agency Coordination
  • GDOT ARNOLD Portal Planning
  • Design ARNOLD Portal Architecture


ARNOLD Implementation Plan

  • Implementation Plan Technical Requirements
  • Define Information Pipeline and Local Agency Coordination
  • Conduct Pilot Project
  • Develop Final Implementation Plan


ARNOLD Geospatial Portal Plan

  • Develop Shared Centerline Requirements
  • Develop Geospatial Portal System Architecture and Development Plan
  • Long-Term Strategy for Improving the ARNOLD Network

New Mexico

ARNOLD Development and Strategic Plan

  • All Roads Network Development Planning Review
  • Development of the All Roads Network
  • ARNOLD Maintenance Strategic Plan


Data Integration for ARNOLD Development

  • Develop Plan for Building the ARNOLD Network
  • Build/Develop the ARNOLD Network
  • Develop an ARNOLD Maintenance Plan


Geospatial Data Assessment and Local Stakeholder Involvement Program

  • Develop a UDOT Geospatial Data Summary Assessment to Support ARNOLD and Esri Roads & Highways
  • Conduct Local Outreach and Regional Workshops
Participating State Key Project Tasks

For more information regarding the ARNOLD Pooled Fund Study or to inquire about DTS’s geospatial planning and development services, please contact Greg Yarbrough, Director of GIS Solutions. Mr. Yarbrough may be reached via email at or by calling (803) 960-9665.