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Changing Times

March 3, 2016


Dealing with Change Management and adopting the Performance Asset Management Solution – Getting it right without the fight.

Change – it is the one thing we can all count on. The balance of adopting technology and keeping staff engaged to advance an agency goals can be a very difficult balance. As key staff gets closer to retirement or move onto new opportunities, the void of a system of record is laden with the risk of infrastructure knowledge literally walking out the door. VUEWorks has been specifically built to allow for one-stop-shop performance asset and work management. Through configurability, and the growing community of sharable forms we are finding ramp up times shortened and pertinent asset and work information remaining with the agency.

Technology is another pitfall that can alienate change in an agency looking to adopt a performance asset management system. By offering MobileVUE, smart phones and tablets are now able to be brought into the fold. By using store and forward techniques, a persistent connection to Wi-Fi or mobile networks are not required. The simplicity of MobileVUE allows field staff to focus on the job at hand without having to master new software and still retain work related information or condition inspection data with ease.


Overcoming assumptions and risks when implement a performance asset management system start with stakeholders and expectations. At DTS, nothing is taken for granted and subject matter experts are selected for implementation teams. It is understood that staff resources are always tight and to help reduce these challenges the offering of a dynamic support portal, custom training, monthly webinars, and regional meetings are making system adoptions become more fluid than ever before. It really does start with the basic understanding of efficiency and workflows incorporated with performance based asset management training.

Holistically, the end goal for easy report generation, condition, risk and valuation modeling are all communicated with each implementation. This helps stakeholders know the larger goal for the agency and has shown to improve system adoption rates. When everyone within an agency understands that caring for assets are something they are a part of, resistance tends to give way to cooperation and contribution.

At DTS, we continue to strive to make improvements with implementation services to bring our software into line with client cultures and wide ranging demands. This personal partnership has proven to be successful for managing a wide range of assets. Examples include pavement, signs, utility infrastructure, facilities and the list can be expanded to include anything of value and importance.

DTS recently celebrated ten years in business, helping organizations of all sizes. In addition to the expertise in Geographic Information Systems, we continue to improve client success through adoption and system configuration to allow for changes in needs to changes within a client’s demands. From Houston’s city streets to parking lots or heating and cooling systems for major retailers. Change in asset type does not always require a change in the software version or in the operators of the system to manage. In other words, VUEWorks was designed to anticipate change and empowers clients to make changes within the system at their own discretion and control. A model that is unique and flexible handles those inevitable changes even when they are unforeseen.