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Case Study

Ohio Department of Transportation

Transportation Asset Management Decision Support Tool (TAMDST)

We developed a transportation asset management decision support tool (TAMDST) that identifies, analyzes and leverages asset management data to support investment decisions. Our solution resulted in an estimated $200M+ in project savings.


To develop a Transportation Asset Management Decision Support Tool (TAMDST) that utilizes the vast amounts of asset data in the planning, programming and maintenance of infrastructure. This tool identifies, analyzes and leverages all related asset management data, as well as support investment decisions to demonstrate the ROI, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


The DTS team worked with a wide variety of stakeholders to develop a one-stop web-based solution that organizes the data into wireframes, mockups, and custom workflows.


Our solution includes extensive on-premise testing of each functional aspect of the system, technical documentation, and both End-User and Administrative Guides. Now deployed in association with the DTS-developed Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS), DTS continues to provide continuing maintenance and support for the system.

services offered

  • Researched, designed and developed by DTS
  • Microsoft Power BI Analytics
  • Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Integrations
  • Seamless Spatial Analysis Solution
  • Big Data Management

services offered