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Case Study

Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)

Best management practices

We implemented VUEWorks to incorporate best management practices to accommodate maintenance, reporting and other operational user needs for various MDC assets, including pumps, valves, fish hatcheries and road networks. Through VUEWorks, the MDC can perform tasks in an organized, systematic manner for more predictable results and better controlled processes.


To implement a web-based asset management program that incorporates best practices and can accommodate maintenance, reporting and user needs for a wide variety of assets, using the existing knowledge base and data elements already available.


The DTS team worked with MDC staff to design and deliver a configured solution to incorporate very specific requirements. By building out facility templates for each conservation area, the client team will be able to track, maintain and report on all assets.


The system provides both field and office users with the ability to accommodate maintenance, reporting and other operational user needs for dozens of asset types and also enables MDC to have tasks performed in an organized, systematic manner so that predictable results and service levels can be achieved and processes better controlled.

services offered

  • Delivered, configured & implemented by DTS
  • Asset types ranging from pumps and valves to fish hatcheries and road networks
  • Complex system integration between asset management and operational systems and processes
  • Defined four-tier hierarchy for categorizing infrastructure assets

services offered