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Case Study

City of Sioux Falls CCTV Condition Assessments for Sewer Pipes

The Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Condition Assessment Program uses the VUEWorks® Observable Condition Form to record inspections on the City’s sanitary sewer and stormwater pipes. The new workflow allows the City to record inspection data on underground pipes more efficiently. The City expanded this innovative workfl ow across multiple departments, saving time and money while reducing errors in observations throughout the whole process.


For the City of Sioux Falls, the enterprise asset management project began with the goal of transitioning a cumbersome, non-efficient workflow from an older asset management system into VUEWorks.


The module is built into the application itself, so the City can fully customize the workflow and apply it across the department. The report provides the engineers with a snapshot of the issues along the line without having to look at each one individually. This report includes all the information on the condition form, including the category defect data, pictures of defects, inspection notes and general inspection information.


The easily configurable form allows the City to collect, summarize, analyze, rate and report on the condition of the pipes. Customized scoring shows the overall condition of the underground assets and a corresponding report illustrating the observations and photos attached to each observation. As a formal report, it can also be given to the contractor for verification if issues arise, improving efficiency for the workflows and transparency.

“VUEWorks has been a game-changer with being able to have all information linked to a structure on the map. The CCTV process works smoothly from building my own work orders or completing work orders assigned to me. Guesswork is taken out with individuals being able to select the exact line segment they would like inspected. We can now visually see how much of the project is complete with one quick look.” – Ethan Gacke, Sewer Collection Technician.

The City of Sioux Falls project demonstrates how an asset management program can manage costs and risks to improve overall performance and realize a return on an asset management investment. The ROI can be measured in actual dollar savings, resource efficiencies and/or time savings.

The City of Sioux Falls received Return on Investment Award at the VUEWorks 2020 Asset Management Excellence Awards.