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VUEWorks and EdgeSoft Announce Partnership to Bring Permits and Inspections to Public Works Departments

September 4, 2012

ORLANDO– September 4, 2012 – VUEWorks LLC and EdgeSoft,Inc. have announced a partnership that delivers the industry’s first solution to Public Works Departments that dramatically streamlines permitting business processes that affect asset management. The partnership gives Public Works Departments intuitive web based tools that maximize efficiency and empower their staff to provide superior citizen service.

The partnership formalizes a long-standing business relationship between the two companies. The partnership extends VUEWorks® premier asset management software with a powerful and easy to use suite of permit and inspection features while extending Edgesoft’s award winning enterprise permitting software into the management of infrastructure assets. Under the partnership, VUEWorks and EdgeSoft will continue to focus on each company’s separate core competencies while continuing to combine features and capabilities to create completely new service offerings that extend established best of breed products to new and existing markets.

“Having EdgeSoft as a partner is a great opportunity for us. Combining EdgeSoft’s award winning permitting tools and industry knowledge with VUEWorks Software’s web based GIS asset management platform ensures that Public Works Departments have a solution for managing their assets effectively and efficiently.”

~Allen Ibaugh, VUEWorks CEO

“We are very excited to partner with VUEWorks to offer what we believe is the missing piece to Public Works management. With our combined expertise, local governments will be able to update and track their Public Works business processes, seamlessly moving between VUEWorks asset management and EdgeSoft’s Enterprise Land Management System (eLMS™) Permits & Inspections module.”

~Shan Sundar, Founder and Chairman, EdgeSoft, Inc.

About VUEWorks
VUEWorks is dedicated to providing scalable, web based GIS centric work and asset management software and related services for any organization, in any industry, that wants to manage infrastructure assets more cost effectively.

VUEWorks® combines innovative and easy to use software with industry leading best practices in asset management to create a work and asset management platform. VUEWorks® is in use by State Departments of Transportation as well as single service rural utilities. It is THE definitive asset management platform.

About EdgeSoft, Inc.

EdgeSoft, Inc.’s Enterprise Land Management System (eLMSTM) offers local governments a fully-automated, one-touch, cross-department solution to land management. Ten modules track and automate activities within Permits & Inspections, Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, Planning, Business Licensing, Public Works, Request for Services, Online Citizen Access / e-Gov, Parking, and Business Taxation. The system is built on the LSO Model, which allows users to update and view information on the Land, Structure, or Occupancy level in real time.

eLMSTM enables departments to communicate like never before. A single-point-of-entry system, information entered by one department, such as address or permit status, is viewable to all departments. Duplicate data entry is eliminated and resources are maximized.

EdgeSoft’s cutting-edge technology empowers local governments to deliver superior citizen service.

VUEWorks® and CitySourced Announce Plans for a Broad Strategic Partnership

June 11, 2012

Companies plan to develop innovative mobile products on an unprecedented scale.

ORLANDO– June 11, 2012 – VUEWorks® and CitySourced today announced plans to form a broad strategic partnership that would use their complementary strengths and expertise to enhance their GIS-based mobile and web applications that enable citizens to report concerns, opinions, and requests directly to the government.

VUEWorks® and CitySourced intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer citizens and governmental agencies an unrivalled choice and opportunity. As each company would focus on its core competencies, the partnership would create the opportunity for rapid time to market execution. Additionally, VUEWorks® and CitySourced plan to work together to integrate key assets and create completely new service offerings, while extending established products and services to new markets.

Under the partnership:

     VUEWorks® and CitySourced will collaborate on joint marketing initiatives and a shared development roadmap to align on the future evolution of mobile products.

     CitySourced content and application store will be integrated with VUEWorks for a more compelling consumer experience.

     VUEWorks is able to provide its existing citizen portal to customers desiring a lightweight solution while now being able to offer a more robust citizen facing mobile application to meet the business needs of the municipalities we serve.

 “We are excited about this partnership with CitySourced,” said Allen Ibaugh, CEO of VUEWorks. “VUEWorks and CitySourced will combine our strengths to deliver incredible expertise in software innovation and a proven ability to execute.  The CitySourced-VUEWorks partnership provides an end-to-end solution from problem identification to operations and maintenance.”

 ~Allen Ibaugh, VUEWorks CEO

“We’re very excited to partner with VueWorks to offer an integrated service. Municipalities want to unify work processes, while continuing to increase services to citizens; our two companies are working towards this end goal by using our resident facing mobile app to create services requests directly within VueWorks. We plan to roll out this reporting solution to municipalities nationwide and abroad.”

 ~Jason Kiesel, CitySourced CEO

2012 Version Released!

May 7, 2012

VUEWorks LLC has officially released “VUEWorks 2012”!  This version of VUEWorks brings to the table 80+ features and improvements. All existing customers and partners should have received a newsletter with details on how to sign up for their upgrade. Upgrades to new releases are always included with your annual maintenance and support subscription.

Some of the new features in VUEWorks 2012 include:

– Improved email notifications in Service Requests and Work Orders including the ability to send customized messages and automatic updates to callers

– NEW Ability to designate required fields and tasks in Work Orders

– Totally overhauled Condition module that brings user defined scales, condition forms, weighting options, deeper integration with data links, GIS and Facility attributes

– NEW Ability to edit condition and GIS attributes directly on work order forms bringing field inspections to another level

– NEW Ability in Dashboards which now extends ability to GIS data with new ways to create gadgets

– Better features in Facilities to help create and manage asset types and integration of the Risk module within Facilities

– NEW Administrator application for quick software updates and easy project setup

VUEWorks Community Portal

May 7, 2012

VUEWorks LLC launched the VUEWorks Community Portal along with the 2012 release of the software. This is an avenue for VUEWorks Customers and Partners to collaborate, share ideas, report problems and explore the VUEWorks product as a community.

The VUEWorks Community Portal contains a “Forum” section for Customers/Partners to collaborate. This will make it easier for the VUEWorks community to learn from each other’s experiences as they explore the new features and improvements in the product.

This portal also contains a “News” section where Product news and periodic information about new builds will be shared by the VUEWorks support team.

Please visit and sign up as a user! This is ONLY valid for existing customers and partners.


Current/Recent Implementations

May 7, 2012

VUEWorks LLC values every single customer we work with. It’s great to see recent implementations including Thurston County, WA, West Knox Utility District, TN and Mountlake Terrace, WA going live with the software. In the meantime, our implementation teams are busy in several locations including Collier County, Florida and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, as they move forward with comprehensive Asset Management programs using VUEWorks software.

Thurston County, WA:

Thurston County, WA is currently using VUEWorks to manage their Signs and Stormwater assets countywide. The implementation of VUEWorks started in June 2011 and wrapped up in December 2011. The Public Works / Traffic Operations “Signs” group is using VUEWorks to perform work management activities. These activities include: Installation, Maintenance, Review (a.k.a. Inspections) and Removal. The Resource Stewardship / Water Resources – “Stormwater” group is using VUEWorks to perform work management activities as they relate to NPDES inspections. The Inspectors are notified of failing assets or if assets are slated for an annual inspections based on NPDES criteria. Stormwater assets that fail inspection are identified in VUEWorks and a child work order is created. A notification is then sent to the appropriate department or resource. VUEWorks is used to verify that corrective measures were taken and completed within the 6-month window.

West Knox Utility District, TN:

West Knox Utility District, TN is currently using VUEWorks to manage their Wastewater Collection assets for the City. The main focus is to perform work management activities, improve efficiencies and track the number and cost of corrective measures taken, for issues in the City over a period of time. West Knox also wants to start gathering accurate condition information for all their assets in order to get an accurate inventory/condition assessment. Over time, they will be able to use the advanced asset management modules to do capital improvement planning for the City.

Mountlake Terrace, WA:

Mountlake Terrace, WA is currently using VUEWorks to manage their Street Lightning and Traffic Control assets for the City. The Public Works group will use VUEWorks to perform work management activities by creating work orders to track inspections, installations, repair and replacement activities. This will help improve efficiencies and track the number and cost of corrective measures taken for issues in the City over a period of time.

Collier County, FL:

Collier County, FL is implementing VUEWorks for Wastewater linear assets. The initial stage is to implement VUEWorks in a multi-department enterprise environment. The Wastewater Collections group will use VUEWorks to perform work management activities. These activities include: Maintenance, Inspection and Corrective Action associated with the type of issue reported. The supervisors will be notified of customer complaints, can track and create work orders for the Inspection activities and track, create and review the associated Corrective Action. We are currently working with them so they can easily report on all kinds of issues that have a related SSO, the cost of Corrective Action vs. Preventative Maintenance activities over a period of time by “Basins”.

Rhode Island Department of Transportation, RI:

Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) installed VUEWorks as a first step towards a comprehensive Asset Management program. We are busy working with the RIDOT to configure the software for the highway and bridge maintenance division to track work activities for a variety of purposes across several maintenance zones. Some of RIDOT’s near term goals for VUEWorks include:

– Tracking resource usage related to work activities

– Tracking performance factors and setup work performance data that would serve as a benchmark for performance improvements, and;

– Tracking resource costs for collecting reimbursements from FEMA, FHWA and other agencies.

This implementation is currently under progress and scheduled to be completed by summer of 2012.