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Florida Department of Transportation District 1 GIS Showcase

June 20, 2013

Shown in the picture is Brian Sovik, PhD with FDOT District One’s GIS Coordinator, Carl Metz. 

This week, at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 1 GIS Showcase, Brian Sovik, PhD presented on the release of three new GIS programs available to all FDOT District 1 staff. The GIS Showcase will provide hands-on classroom training that provides: an overview of each application, how it applies to specific tasks, and practical experience with each application tool. Happy GIS Week, FDOT District 1!

Our Printer is on Vacation

June 12, 2013

DTS was working feverishly the other week in order to put together several manuals for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. In total, 7 manuals were prepared and printed with 25 copies of each manual. The amount of pages printed succeeded 30,000 pages and took one week to print.

Our printer may be on vacation from all the use but our team at DTS never tires of working hard and getting the job done right for our Clients!

As you can see these manuals have been received and are ready to be put to good use at the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

*No printers were harmed in the printing of these manuals.

Transformer or DTS’ MAC Vehicle?

June 7, 2013

That wasn’t a Transformer in mid-transformation you saw out on the highway this week – that was DTS’  MAC (mobile asset collection) vehicle driving up to Chattanooga, Tennessee!  This van has been transformed into a fully-integrated engineered asset data collection vehicle developed for the purpose of collecting and mapping grade-accurate data for use in the development of asset management data. Next time you see us on the road; remember, you’re not alone.

From Orlando to Seattle: The North West Regional VUEWorks Conference

May 29, 2013

From our team at VUEWorks, we want to send out a very BIG thank you to all of those who attended the Mountlake Terrace Regional Conference last week in Washington. We are very grateful for our Channel Partner Marcus Glass from Consortium Mapping Services whose hard work made the conference possible. We would also like to share our thanks with those from the city of Mountlake Terrace who provided us with such a picturesque venue at the Ballinger Golf Course in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

 The presenters truly made the conference and created an educational and insightful experience for all who attended. Our very own Jason Amadori, GISP, spoke about the various features of the VUEWorks software as well as unveiled the release of our updated version 10.1, speaking about the feature highlights user can be anticipating with the release as well as the future development path for the software. Dave Hunt, P.E from Farr West Engineering presented on the asset management program Implementation of VUEWorks from a user’s perspective. Ben Hoffman, GISP, from Ben Hoffman Consulting spoke about the city of Portland, Oregon and how he implemented VUEWorks to monitor the condition, risk, and budget forecast of the city’s assets. Owen Reynolds, AICP, a user from Thurston County, Washington spoke about how Thurston County utilizes VUEWorks across the various departments. Finally, Chad Phelan from Mountlake Terrace concluded the conference by discussing work order management and the city’s plans for VUEWorks expansion into other workflows.

Jason Amadori, GISP, and Hayley Mackiernan wrapped up their brief stay in the Seattle area by enjoying a wonderful meal at a local Tacoma restaurant right beside the river. Thankfully they were able to bring some of the sunny Florida weather and were able to avoid any major rain storms throughout their trip. With the North West Regional Conference completed, the VUEWorks team has their sights set on the User Conference at the Disney Boardwalk in Orlando, Florida this September. If you have not yet registered for the conference or would just like to learn more information about the event, please visit the company website at: for more details.

VUEWorks Version 10.1 Release

May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013- For Immediate release – VUEWorks®, an industry leader in GIS-integrated Asset and Work Management software is ready for a new release! Our 10.1 release extends our existing ArcGIS 10.x integration which includes performance enhancements, new software features and disconnected editing support. VUEWorks software is web-based and provides real-time access to all of your GIS and asset management data from any desktop or mobile device.

10.1 Software features:

  1. Map Performance Enhancements – EsriTM JAVAScript API connection to SDE improves data access responsiveness and GIS map functionality.
  2. ArcGIS Server 10.1 Support– utilizes the REST api for improved data access that doesn’t require direct access to SDE
  3. Multiple Configurable Search pages– create focused search pages for better work flow
  4.  Work Order Enhancements – streamlined UI, quick entry for Labor, Equipment, and Inventory. New Vendor Tab
  5. Service Request Enhancements – configurable service request form and streamlined UI
  6. Filter Manager – manage and share saved filters through all the modules
  7. Workflow Features for Service Requests and Work Orders – Notification, Watch, Assignment
  8. Data Link Enhancements – Upload linked data into VUEWorks
  9. Budget Forecasting Enhancements – Set Budgets Caps by Asset Type or by Job
  10. Support for IE 10, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8

If you are interested in learning about all the new features version 10.1 has to offer, please contact our VUEWorks team today and sign up for an educational webinar or for a one-on-one demonstration of the software.. VUEWorks version 10.1 is ready to be released and we are ready for you to join us as we grow. For more information contact our team at

VUEWorks ( develops, markets, and supports affordable, web-enabled integrated GIS Asset and Work Management solutions that help local government and other organizations track the condition, minimize failure risk, optimize expenditures and service delivery of their physical assets. VUEWorks is a subsidiary of Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS), founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orlando, FL.


VUEWorks North West Regional GIS Asset Management Workshop

May 20, 2013

This week Jason Amadori, GISP, and Hayley Mackiernan will be traveling to Mountlake Terrace, Washington to attend the VUEWorks North West Regional GIS Management Workshop.

The City of Mountlake Terrace and VueWorks Software is excited to be offering an asset management seminar that will include the release of VUEWorks version 10.1. Regional users will also be presenting on how they use GIS based asset management systems and the difficulties they overcame both organizationally and technically.

Our team members look forward to meeting with users of VUEWorks as well as a few of our Channel Partners who will also be attending this exciting event.