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2012 Version Released!

May 7, 2012

VUEWorks LLC has officially released “VUEWorks 2012”!  This version of VUEWorks brings to the table 80+ features and improvements. All existing customers and partners should have received a newsletter with details on how to sign up for their upgrade. Upgrades to new releases are always included with your annual maintenance and support subscription.

Some of the new features in VUEWorks 2012 include:

– Improved email notifications in Service Requests and Work Orders including the ability to send customized messages and automatic updates to callers

– NEW Ability to designate required fields and tasks in Work Orders

– Totally overhauled Condition module that brings user defined scales, condition forms, weighting options, deeper integration with data links, GIS and Facility attributes

– NEW Ability to edit condition and GIS attributes directly on work order forms bringing field inspections to another level

– NEW Ability in Dashboards which now extends ability to GIS data with new ways to create gadgets

– Better features in Facilities to help create and manage asset types and integration of the Risk module within Facilities

– NEW Administrator application for quick software updates and easy project setup